Why should I…?

Why should I…?

Ten good reasons to have a Pbike


Have you considered to invest in a Pbike, the security device that everyone talks about? We give you 10 reasons to solve your doubts.


  1. Maximum discretion and functionality.

Forget about bulky and striking devices: Pbike is so discreet and light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The “Hide model” is hidden under the saddle and can even go completely unnoticed thanks to the use of the Pbike Tool Bag. If, in addition, you want a powerful rear light of high luminosity and three modes (fixed, intermittent and brake light), the “Light model” is the one for you: who would suspect that under the guise of a light is hiding a prodigy of technology?


  1. Avoid thefts.

Finding out that your bike has been stolen is one of the saddest situations that a cyclist can face. There’s nothing like knowing that, if a strange person approaches to your bike with bad intentions, this one will be protected in the best possible way. Thanks to its triple location system (GPS, GSM and Bluetooth), you can track with Pbike, the exact location of your bike in real time with an incredible precision of two meters.


  1. Have a quiet ride.

It’s true: we said that finding out that your bike has been stolen is one of the saddest situations that a cyclist can face… Suffering an accident is another one. That’s why with Pbike you can ride  in peace of mind: if you fall, Pbike can warn the pre selected contacts of your agenda. You will not ride alone anymore.


  1. Maximum autonomy.

We know that charging electronic devices such as a mobile phone or tablet can be a hassle. Therefore, with Pbike we, have worked very hard to achieve maximum autonomy: if you use it as a security element you don’t have to charge it for more than 40 days. Enough for the Pbike to remain connected and warn you of any attempted theft.


  1. Everything, on your smartphone.

With Pbike… Everything is in the palm of your hand! After all, the Smartphone has become almost an extension of our body: we all carry it with us all the time. With the simple and intuitive Pbike app you can control everything that has to do with the device from the mobile screen itself. It’s impossible to have more comfort.


  1. Fixation of maximum security.

The fixation of the Pbike is another of its key elements: a support that is tied up to any fixed element of the bicycle and a high security steel lock. A bombproof system that, however, is extremely easy to tie up on your bike.


  1. 100% compatible with Strava.

Everyone knows the idyll between cyclists and Strava.

Save and share your routes and exploits in the social network preferred by cyclists of the world with Pbike, the only device that will allow you to use Strava completely remotely, being able to activate and deactivate the recording of remote routes directly from your mobile, at any time and place. Save and share.


  1. Without borders

Are you one of those cyclists who travel on a bicycle without stopping? Pbike is made for you: our device works in 42 countries around the world. Now you can ride with the peace of mind of having the best travel companion.


  1. Our alliance with RACE.

If you are looking for more security in your travels or bicycle adventures, we have something to tell you: Pbike offers you an insurance whit RACE. In case of accident, the assistance center will receive an alert with your exact position and will be able to send you medical or mechanical assistance, according to your needs, immediately as if it were one of your contacts.


  1. Because the future is promising.

Yes: in Pbike we have prepared something very special. The second generation of Pbike is just around the corner.

Because innovation and hard work are part of our philosophy. We want to offer you the best so that you can enjoy your bike trips with maximum tranquility.