VLC Bike: Valencia Nov. 2019

VLC Bike: Valencia Nov. 2019

Valencia, capital of two wheels… with the presence of Pbike


From November 16 to 18, the Feria de Valencia will host a double event, that will be focused on both bicycles and motorcycles: VLC Bike and 2 Wheels. Pbike will be present in both with great news.


Valencia is getting ready to be the Spanish capital of two wheels. In fact, that is precisely the name of one of the most important events of the year for amateurs and professionals of motorcycles: 2 Wheels

That’s not everything. At the same time, the Valencian capital will also host the VLC Bikes fair, which will bring together the most innovative brands in the sector.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, Pbike will be present at both appointments. And it will be, by the way, with a big announcement: presenting its new device for motorcycles. Because Pbike and the two wheels are one thing.


„The new Pbike will be very similar to the one we have commercialized until now, but with different accessories and connected to the battery of the motorcycle,“ says Javier Alemán, CEO of Pbike. As is logical, the brand will also pay special attention to its successful device for cyclist safety and the upgrades that are to come.


You can stay tuned for updates, as well as the complete list of exhibitors, on the websites of both fairs: http://dosruedas.feriavalencia.com/ and http://vlcbike.feriavalencia.com

And if you are in Valencia this weekend… Don’t miss the chance!