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Three simple steps

App Config


  • First of all, create your account and ensure you input the right email and phone number. This data will be used for emergency contact.
  • Personalize your profile adding your nickname and picture (optional)
  • Before linking your new Pbike to your account, ensure the bluetooth in your mobile is turn on.
  • Now, simply press the “plus” icon on the main screen of your app to create your bike profile. Now you can add things like; type of bike and size of the wheel
  • Scan the QR code that you will find in the Pbike package. In a few seconds you will receive a notification confirming that your Pbike has been added to your account.
  • Now you can locate your bike wherever it is and also configure your app, including the alarms.
  • Configure the alerts, the emergency contact list and your STRAVA profile.
  • Pbike can get your position base on three alternative methods (GPS, GSM or Bluetooth). Pbike will automatically select the best possible method in every case.


You can activate / deactivate the alarms (robbery & crash detection) from the main screen.


In addition, you can configure the alarms and creating/editing the emergency contact list form the Alarms console (under configuration)

Anti-Robbery Alarm

When activated, if someone try to move your bike, you will receive a silent alert asking you if you want to track your bike.

Accident/Fall Alarm

Pbike allows you to select between three different sensitivity levels for you to adapt to your riding style

Also, establish the “warning time” that will be considered by your Pbike before alerting your emergency contacts in case of an accident. After an accident, you will be able to cancel the alert messages during this period.

Emergency Contact List

Add as many contacts as you wish, once they have downloaded the App, ensure they register with the same telephone number that you chose under “Emergency Contacts Selection”

If something happens to you, they’ll know where to find you.

App alarmas
App Robos


You will only be able to activate/deactivate the alarm from the app.


When activated, if someone try to move it, you will receive a silent alert asking you if you want to track your bike.


Alternatively, you can go to “Notifications” and select any previous robbery alarm to activate the tracking.


When tracking your bike after a robbery, you will receive its updated positions every 10’’ (average time).


At the end of the tracking you will be able to save the route in GPX format and/or send it third parties via email, whatsapp…


Thanks to Pbike you will be able to store and share your routes in STRAVA, the best social network in the world for millions of runners, cyclists and athletes


Pbike is the only device in the world that will allow you to use STRAVA completely remotely, activating and deactivating the tracking from everywhere through your mobile


To start using STRAVA with your new Pbike, first you will have to login into your account. Once you do it, the STRAVA button will turn orange.


From that moment, you will be able to activate/deactivate the tracking activity directly from your device, or from your phone.


Once you have recorded a route you will receive a notification in your mobile to downloaded it as soon as you are connected via Bluetooth.



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  • Requirements

  • iPhone® 4s and above

    iPad® 3 and above

    Android 4.3 and above