What is Pbike?

The best security got bicycles and cyclists


  • Triple location system: GPS, GSM & Bluetooth
  • Best accuracy! 2 meters error in Real time
  • Crash detection and automated notification system
  • Panic Button
  • Theft Alarm
  • Real Time Tracking in case of theft with updated positions every 5 seconds
  • All tracking info available in GPX format
  • Activity tracking fully integrated with STRAVA
  • Multidevice access
  • Intelligence Dual Connection Management; Bluetooth 4.0 Vs GSM

Pbike Hide

Pbike is now available in two different formats; HIDE & LIGHT.


Pbike Hide lives completely unnoticed under the saddle, on the seatpost or on the frame – and incorporates the Pbike Tool’s Bag® (which means your tracking device is hidden inside a tool bag, a very unlikely place to be found);

The tool bag employs a secret compartment for the Pbike HIDE and its accompanying security mount.

The bag also includes a second larger compartment for regular use.

Pbike Light

All of our Pbike Hide technology also lives inside our Pbike Light – added to this version is a powerful rear light AND WIRELESS BRAKE LIGHT. (Yes, it indicates to anyone close behind you that you are slowing down):


The additional functions that you will find in your Pbike Light are:


  • Perfect light for use in Mountain, Road or City
  • 4 Extra High Power LED’s
  • 3 Lighting mode settings (Permanently ON, Intermittent, and Brake Light)
  • Double Brake Light System (Null to Brake, Permanent to Brake)

Awesome Battery Life (+40 days!!!)

When you use it as a security device in a (parked) stationery mode, Pbike will detect and report a theft attempt for minimum 40 days without the battery having to be charged!

If you, however, constantly use the light and / or tracking service (storing one position / second), you’d be able to enjoy your Pbike for up to 10 hours on one charge, so it is essential to charge the device each day, and / or as often as possible;

Quite a few factors may reduce the standard battery charge.

The exact time-span of a single full charge depends on the circumstances that will, inter alia, affect the capacity of Pbike to get an accurate GPS position, i.e. free access to satellites (outside vs inside buildings); weather conditions, etc.

Fortunately, users will always be able to know its battery status by viewing it on the App –  on top of that, Pbike will send you alert messages – to the App – when the battery level goes under 50% and 20% of its total capacity. Remember to charge as soon as you could.

Pbike includes a Litio Battery of 840mAh that may be recharged through a standard mini-usb port.



The Pbike security mount may be attached anywhere on the bike and includes two elements:

  • a special Pbike bracket that attaches to the bike using a stainless steel cable tie (we include a rubber band to protect the exterior finish (paint, etc) and to “hide” the cable tie)

  • a personal secuirty “lock” that allows only the owner of the Pbike and lock to fit (and remove) the device – this means you may have multiple bikes all having its own mount, but using the same Pbike device. (Care must be taken that a bike left at home is unattended, or unlocked, while away.)


You can see now a short installation video by clicking on the mount image (or by clicking HERE)


Pbike can operate exclusively with Bluetooth, without incurring in any extra cost.


However, to benefit from all what your Pbike has to offer, we strongly recommend you to get any of the available subscription plans


You can choose the plan that better suits your needs, without contracts nor obligations, and always be connected to your bike.


You could travel all around 42 countries (more will be added soon) enjoying the same safety level and without having to pay nothing extra, because your safety it is our priority wherever you are.