Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pbike®?

Pbike® is an efficient eCall and anti-theft system for cyclists and bicycles. Pbike® is able to identify a cyclist's fall and communicate, independently, their exact location in real time. It is also an efficient anti-theft system as, if it is stolen, it will allow you to locate your bicycle at all times.

Which kind of cyclist is Pbike® intended for?

Pbike® is intended for any cyclist who is concerned with their security and their bicycle's, regardless of whether the bicycle is used off-road, on-road, in the city etc.

Where can I buy Pbike®?

On our website ( you will find a list of cycle shops where you can purchase Pbike® or, if you prefer, you can buy it in our online shop and have it sent to your home.

What types of Pbike® are there?

There are two models of Pbike®:

-Pbike® Hide. Light and discrete, it is hidden beneath the seat.

- Pbike® Light. It is also a small and powerful rear light which incorporates an original breaking detection system, increasing the intensity of the light to indicate that you're breaking.

What features does Pbike® have?

Pbike® is an efficient eCall and anti-theft system for bicycles. It is able to detect a fall and notify in real time the contacts, which you previously registered in the application, of your position in case you need immediate assistance. It is also an efficient anti-theft system, as it enables you to locate your bicycle at any time and notify you if someone moves or steals it.

What do I have to do to link my Pbike® to my bicycle?

To begin using Pbike®, you need to download the Pbike® App and register as a user. After that you can link your Pbike® easily using the form in the App. You will need the QR code, which you will find inside your Pbike's® box.

To turn on and off the accident or theft alarms, do I use the Pbike® device or the Pbike® App?

The accident and theft alarms are turned on and off from the Pbike® App or using our web page (available by mid 2018).

If you go out on your bicycle without your mobile phone, you can turn off the sending of the accident alarm from the Pbike itself by pressing the two buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. The accident detection will remain active however.

Therefore, the only way to turn off both alarms is using the Pbike® App and the website.

You should also be aware that when Pbike detects an accident, if you put the bicycle back on two wheels before the alarm is sent, the transmission is cancelled as it will think that the accident has not been serious and does not require assistance. If this occurs, but you do need assistance, please press the black button for 5 seconds to send a manual alert.

What are Pbike®'s two buttons for?

The Pbike® device has two buttons. One is black and it's a "panic button" or emergency. When you press it for 5 seconds, it allows you to send an alert to the contacts you previously registered in the application or to RACE - the Spanish Royal Automobile Club - (if you have taken out the PlanetUs-RACE insurance policy) indicating your exact location in real time. This button, on Pbike Light, allows you to choose the different light settings, including the detection setting and break signaling.

The green button, allows you to check the battery status (short press) or activate and deactivate the active tracking / STRAVA recording (long press).

By pressing both buttons at the same time for 5 seconds you can turn of the sending of the accident alarm.

What size is the Pbike®?

Pbike®'s dimensions are 25mm (height) x 51mm (long) x 35mm (width) and weights 45 grams

Where do you install Pbike®?

Pbike® maybe installed underneath the seat or to the frame of the bike thanks to the cable tie included In addition, we recommend that you watch the installation video on What is Pbike? page

Is Pbike® easy to install?

Pbike® installation is very easy as the support has two pieces which screw together with the exclusive screws and and the unique PlanetUs® key included with the device.

This same key is used to remove Pbike® from the support when you need to charge it.

How do you charge Pbike® and how long does a full charge take?

Pbike® has a lithium battery which is charged using a mini-USB port. The estimated amount of time it lasts depends on how the device is used but it can last up to 40 days in the anti-theft setting.

Is it easy to remove Pbike®?

To remove Pbike® you just have to undo the exclusive screws and the unique PlanetUs® key.

What do I do if I lose the unique key to remove Pbike®?

If you lose the unique PlanetUs® key, you can only obtain a new key if you are a Pbike® user and you have previously identified yourself and received confirmation from PlanetUs®.

Which colours does Pbike® come in?

Pbike® Hide comes in black and white while Pbike light is only available in black.

There may be promotional series with special colours and finishes.

Can I use the same Pbike® on different bicycles?

You can register different bicycles with the same Pbike® device and define the settings for each. You just have to place the Pbike® support in the bicycle that you're going to use in each moment or which you want to protect or, even better, place Pbike® on every one of your bicycles and that way you'll have them all protected!

If I travel abroad and I take my bicycle, will Pbike® still work outside Spain?

Your Pbike® works without additional costs in more than 48 countries, including in Europe, South America and countries across Africa and Asia. Check the list of countries on our web

What happens if I go out on the bike and I forget to turn on the theft and accident alarms and something happens to me or the bicycle?

If you hadn't turned on the accident alarm before having an accident and you need help, you can press the green button to send an alert signal indicating your location in real time.

If there's a theft, and you haven't turned on the alarm to notify you if the bike has been moved, you can see in the app the exact location of the bicycle in real time and even follow it from the moment you realise that it's missing.

What happens if I change my phone number?

Your Pbike® devices are associated with your PlanetUs® account, meaning you can access them easily with your username and password from any terminal or on the website

Is the Pbike® App available for all different operating systems?

You can download the Pbike® app for Android devices as well as for IOS from the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Is the Pbike® App free to download?

The Pbike® App is completely free.

Can I buy the assistance and theft insurance through the app?

In the Pbike® App's main menu, you can find an option that takes you to the Pbike® shop where you can purchase, as well as accessories for your device, the exclusive Planet-Us-RACE assistance insurance, as well as the theft insurance with unbeatable conditions (available soon).

Can I buy Pbike® through the app?

In the Pbike® App's main menu you can find an option that takes you to the Pbike® shop where you can purchase the Pbike® device, as well as other accessories such as the exclusive Planet-Us-RACE assistance insurance, or our theft insurance with unbeatable conditions.

How can I register my routes in STRAVA using the app?

First, you will have to select your Pbike® and go to Settings in the App. Once there, select STRAVA and fill in all your account information. Once confirmed, both applications will be linked.

You will then be able to turn on the "tracking" setting from the Pbike® App or from your own Pbike® device. You will then be able to record all your route information.

If you delete one route from The Pbike® App, the route will be still be stored on the STRAVA servers.

Where do I turn on the anti-theft alarm on Pbike®?

The Pbike®anti-theft and the accident detection alarms can be turned on from the Pbike® App as well as on our website (available mid 2018) once you have signed in with your username and password.

If I install Pbike® under my seat, will it be visible for someone to steal it?

Pbike®'s first security measure is that the device is as hidden as possible or it doesn't appear to be what it actually is: an efficient eCall and localisation system. The Pbike® Hide device is completely hidden from view under the seat, and can also be hidden using the Pbike®tool bag accessory which we sell in the cycle shops, as well as on our online shop at The Pbike® Light device, on the other hand, hides all its technology within the appearance of a simple rear light which also works as a break light.

You can also find in our shop different methods to ensure your seat cannot be removed.

How can I know where my bicycle is if it is stolen?

If you bicycle is stolen, you can visualise the map which will show you in real time the location of your bicycle , through the Pbike® App or our website . To access the map and visualise your bicycle, you will need to enter your username and password.

How do I let Pbike® know that my bicycle has been stolen?

When the theft alarm is turned on in the Pbike® App, if someone moves your bicycle you will receive a movement alert on your mobile asking you if you want us to activate the tracking of your bike.

What distance does Pbike® cover up to if a bicycle is stolen?

The Pbike® device work all over the world, as long as there is telephone coverage.

Could Pbike® lose its signal if my bicycle is stolen and it is hidden in a place without coverage?

The Pbike® device incorporates the latest tracking and localising technology, being able to locate your device even indoors. Pbike® relies on the telephone reception to communicate its location.

Even so, the reported location will always be more precise if it is outside as it will be reporting a GPS position (3 metres margin of error). If it is located inside (garage...), and cannot obtain a GPS position, it will report the GSM position, which may imply a greater margin of error.

What happens if I forget to turn on the Pbike® anti-theft alarm?

If your bicycle is stolen and you haven't turned on the alarm to be notified, you can still visualise in the app the exact location of the bicycle in real time.

How do I turn on the Pbike® accident alarm?

In your device's configuration in the Pbike® App, you can turn on and off the different alarms. You can also have access to all the functions in the shortcut menu on the main page of the Pbike® App.

How many contacts can I introduce in Pbike® to be notified in case of an accident?

You can include a maximum of 5 contacts. And if you have taken out the PlanetUs-RACE assistance insurance, the connection with RACE is independent from the contacts introduced in the app.

How do I introduce the contacts to be notified in case of an accident?

In the configuration of the device's alerts, you will find the section to include up to 5 contacts from your address book to notify in case of an accident.

The people you choose will receive an SMS inviting them to download the App so they can be notified in case of an emergency.

They must fulfil this step, as failure to do so will mean they will not receive any alerts.

What happens if I go out on my bicycle without my mobile and something happens to me?

If you have the accident alert turned on, and an accident occurs, Pbike® will send an alert indicating your exact location to the contacts previously included. However, if you forgot to turn on the alert from the Pbike® App before going out on your bicycle, by pressing the green button for 5 seconds you can send the same accident alert with your exact position to the set contacts.

It is important that from the beginning you introduce the contacts to be notified in case of an accident and that they download the Pbike® App.

Is it possible to break the Pbike® device?

The Pbike® device is made from high resistant materials to cope with high intensity impacts which, coupled with where it's installed, makes it highly unlikely for the device to be damaged.

What happens if I take too long to turn off the accident alarm after a fall and I don't need assistance?

Once the accident is detected, a countdown is begun which you can see on your mobile. You can adjust the countdown in the Pbike® configuration section. Once it finishes without having cancelled the alarm, your contacts will receive a notification with your exact location. If you have taken out the PlanetUs-RACE insurance, you will receive a call from the 24 hr support centre who will confirm your situation. If they do not receive a reply, they will automatically send help.

What happens if I have a fall and I haven't turned on the Pbike®? accident alarm

If you need help and you forgot to turn on the alarm, by pressing the green button for 5 seconds you can send an accident alert with your exact location to your set contacts.

Does Pbike® work if I go out on my bicycle in an area without telephone coverage?

No. Although the device may be locating your position, it needs telephone coverage to be able to send the signal. If you lose the signal, it will show the last position registered. Bear in mind that presently mobile coverage counts for more than 99.5% of the territory where you are.

What happens if I have a serious accident and on notifying my contacts none of them answer and I haven't taken out the PlanetUs-RACE assistance insurance?

This is why we strongly recommend the solution designed in partnership with RACE: the PlanetUs-RACE assistance insurance so that there is always someone looking out for your security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What's the difference between buying a Pbike® without taking out the assistance insurance or with the PlanetUs-RACE assistance insurance?

If you have an incident, and you have taken out the Planet-Us-RACE assistance insurance, the RACE support centre will be able to send you medical or mechanical assistance, according to your needs, straight away as if they were another one of your contacts.

If you haven't taken out the Planet-Us-RACE assistance insurance, Pbike® will let your contacts know the exact location where you had the accident.

Can I take out the insurance at any time from the web page or the Pbike® App?

You can take out the Planet-Us-RACE assistance insurance at any time, through the Pbike App or the web page The first time we will need 24 hrs before confirmation.

If Pbike® isn't working correctly, who should I notify?

If Pbike® behaves in an unexpected way, you can go to the shop where you bought it or contact us directly by email .

How much does the Pbike® connection cost?

You can find the price and frequency that best meets your needs in the main menu of the shop section of our website without any kind of maintenance or continuity commitment or obligation.

What happens to the information if I stop using the bicycle for several months?

If you're going to stop using your bicycle for a while, long or short, we recommend you keep the battery charged, and the Pbike® connection and theft alarm turned on for your peace of mind and the security of your bicycle. Your Pbike® device will take care of your bicycle for you.

If, however, you prefer not to renew the connectivity, you will have up to 12 months to do so. During this time, you can only use your Pbike® through Bluetooth and you can renew your connectivity at any time.

If you are more than 12 months without connectivity, you won't be able to renew it, but you can still use it through Bluetooth.