Pbike: Second generation

Pbike: Second generation

This will be the second generation of Pbike


We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to make the second Pbike version come true: we have a lot to tell you, and we want you to be part of it.


Since its release to the market, Pbike has not stopped giving something to talk about. After all, it is one of the most revolutionary innovations in cyclist safety. An anti-theft device that can locate your bike at all times through an app. And, at the same time, a powerful ally to notify your contacts in case of an accident.

So far, more than 1,000 units of the first version of Pbike have been sold. Cyclists who have received the advantages of pedaling with the security that comes with the most cutting-edge technology. It is time to expand our proposal and unveil our plans for a second version.


And how will the new Pbike be? We are convinced that you will be surprised: it is a new accessory with the shape of a wine rack, or as a base for the one you already have on your bike, which is easily fixed with safety screws. Two options: H2O or Base, both discrete like no other security system on the market.

But there is more: the new version of Pbike substantially extends the life of the battery, up to two months. It also incorporates a latest generation GPS technology, much faster and more accurate.

In addition, it has the possibility of activating a new sound alarm to scare off the thieves. And the user experience has been greatly improved at the application level. Of course, compatibility with Strava remains one of its strengths.


Join the revolution


To make the new Pbike a reality, we have opted for crowdfunding in the indiegogo crowdfunding platform. There, anyone can contribute to make the new version of our device a reality with contributions that go from 109 euros, the cost of the contribution base, which includes one year of data service. In fact, among the novelties of this campaign, there is the ‘Permanent’ option, which allows you to enjoy data for the whole life of the product at a very low price.


For those who want to distribute Pbike we also have options. Two packs of 30 or 50 units with which you can benefit from a discount of up to 50%.

The arrival of all orders is estimated for the next month of January 2019.