10 Tips to protect your bike

10 Tips to protect your bike

10 Tips to prevent your bike from getting stolen

Finding out that your bike has been stolen is one of the saddest situations that a cyclist can face. We give you ten tips to prevent the theft of your two-wheeled companion.
Take note!

1. Use a good padlock. Forget about those cheap braided locks: opening them takes a couple of seconds for a thief. Better get yourself a rigid padlock, like those u-lock. Or even two!

2. Secure your bike to the frame. It seems obvious, but we constantly see bicycles anchored to a wheel. Error.

3. Get some security locks. You will not be the first cyclist whose wheels or saddle have been stolen. With some security locks you will make the task much more difficult for the thief, who will probably opt for an easier ‘prey’.

4. Leave your bike in crowded places. Avoid the dark streets, perfect refuge for thieves to do their business. Better choose streets full of people, even during the night. Pedestrians will be your best allies.

5. Avoid the night. If possible, try not to leave your bike in the street all night. When the sun goes down, the thieves go out.

6. Trees? Better not. Chairing your bike to a tree is forbidden and is always a bad idea. It is preferable to do it to a fixed item or, if there is one, to a bicycle parking.

7. Tie it as high as you can. Remember, the closer you get the lock to the ground the easier they can break it. Secure your bike to a minimum height of 50 centimeters.

8. Register your bicycle. An option on the rise: more and more are joining initiatives such as Biciregistro, driven by the Network of Cities for the Bicycle. It is a very widespread option in other countries and that will be of help to recover your bike.

9. Write down the rack number. It is usually indicated under the axis of the bottom bracket. All the information you can collect from your bike (color, size, components) will be useful when filing the relevant complaint after a robbery.

10. Use Pbike. Technological advances are here to help you. And among them, none like Pbike. Its powerful and precise GPS will allow you to have your bike located at all times and follow its trail. The nightmare of thieves is called Pbike.