8 Tips for a second-hand bike

8 Tips for a second-hand bike

Are you thinking about getting a bike in the second-hand market? We give you a series of tips that can be very useful to make the purchase a success.


  1. Set your budget.

Do it with realism and, above all, try not to overspend. Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away by the temptation to see a model that exceeds the budget that we previously had stipulated.


  1. Think about your needs.

Today there are bicycles for all types of cyclists. Is your intention to travel by bike to work? Do you have a small house and would you like to keep the bike in a small space? Go for the folding one. Do you want to use it to enjoy the countryside during the weekend? Go for a hybrid. Do you like road? The MTB? Then, it seems that you have it clear: Let’s go to the next step!


  1. Information is power.

Model, year of manufacture, original price…

When you think you’ve found the bicycle you’re looking for in the second-hand market, all the information you can collect can help you to make a decision. Read, search, ask, compare…


  1. Go to a trusted seller.

It seems an obvious point, but not everyone is so clear. Sometimes, driven by the magnetism of an affordable price we buy a bicycle of dubious origin that could have been stolen. There are many second-hand bike shops, such as Recycling or Biciclaje, and even specialized websites (Tuvalum, Bkie, Todobicis, Vendomibici …) where you can find the perfect bike with more guarantees than a private one. If you have decided for the last one option, it is always preferable that it is someone you know or have references of.


  1. Examine the bike carefully.

You’ve already met the seller … and there’s your future bike. Take it easy! The haste can be your worst enemy. It is advisable to examine with attention an infinity of aspects that can give you problems over time. Check all welds to make sure there are no cracks or corrosion symptoms. Pay special attention to the pedals, to the wear of covers and, especially, to the transmission: the state of the chain, the plates and the crowns is fundamental. Check that the steerer tube works smoothly and properly, that there are no squeaks, creaks or slack. In short: everything as agreed.


  1. Be careful with the size!

Sometimes we neglect something as essential as the size of the bicycle. Maybe because you think you have found a perfect bike with everything you imagine, but is not exactly the right size. Big mistake. Finding your size is essential to avoid injuries and make each trip a pleasure and not a torture. If you have doubts about which one corresponds to you, you can consult some of the many tables that you will find on the Internet, like this one.


  1. Should we make a contract? If you really want to do things properly, maybe you have considered the possibility of writing a contract of sale between particulars. You have to consult the Civil Code of your country, that regulate this type of contract. There can be some articles, that demand a responsibility on the part of the seller, called “hidden defects”. Even if the seller did not know they existed, he is forced to repair it during the six months after the purchase.

If you have doubts about this contract, the website Ciclismo a fondo came up with a model that can be very useful for you.


  1. Enjoy!

The most important of all: you have made a perfect purchase. You have saved some money. You take home a dream bicycle. Now it only remains to ride it and equip the bike with the best accessories on the market. Why not buy a Pbike to enjoy with maximum security?