Stolen Bike?

Stolen Bike?

What to do if your bike has been stolen?


Let’s put ourselves in a tragic scenario: your bicycle has been stolen and you do not have a Pbike to locate your bike via GPS. Do not panic. We offer you five simple tips so that this nightmare has the best possible outcome… or, at least, to do everything you can.



  1. Keep calm.

A wise advice that will come in handy in any stress situation that you have to face. Yes: we know that there are few things more stressful than getting to the place where you left your bike parked and not finding it there. But whatever you do from that moment, it will be much better to do so with tranquility.



  1. Report it.

We’re not going to fool anybody: recovering a stolen bicycle is complicated. The lucky ones who get it are a minority. But to report it to the police is almost always an essential condition for, in case of luck, being able to recover it. Remember that all the data you can provide about it will be useful: from the serial number (search, usually, below the bottom bracket) to the brand and model, through the color, components or any custom detail that you would have added. If you have the bill, better. And do not forget to contribute with photos: for sure you have immortalized your bike on more than one occasion.



  1. Investigate on your own.

Nowadays, if someone steals a bicycle, it is quite common that after a few hours he will try to take money out of it in one of the many websites and applications for buying and selling second-hand items. Take a look at all of them in search of your beloved two-wheeled companion.



  1. Do not try to be a hero.

Stories like the one of Leo Voland, who recovered his own stolen bike from the hands of the thief and narrated it step by step on an unforgettable Tumblr, are exceptional. So if by chance you find your bike on one of the mentioned platforms, go to the police station and broaden your complaint with all the details of the vendor. You never know who you can meet with.



  1. And if it does not appear…

Do not despair: We learn from everything! A great part of the population has faced this situation. Surely for the purchase of your next bike you will have in mind the ten tips that we gave on this (LINK) article.